Test Case History Library

Version control isn’t just for software engineers; QA engineers also need to manage the history of test cases. When issues arise, we can trace back to a stable state.

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How Case Version Control Works

Armoury create original data for each case, and with every modification you make, Armoury generates a copy. You can browse all historical copies at any time, selecting the version you need to restore to, just like magic!

Why is version control necessary?

Version control is a crisis investment – you won’t need it before issues arise, but when they do, you’ll be glad you preserved old versions to swiftly resolve the crisis.

We encourage retaining cases, even if you no longer need them. They can become part of your product roadmap’s history, letting everyone know that we once required this case.

Version control for test case

Any meticulously crafted case that gets deleted or undergoes anonymous modifications can diminish your grasp of testing. That’s why Armoury retains a history of up to 100 modifications, ensuring you stay in control of your testing.

Version control for test run

The Test Run contains carefully selected cases that deserve to be retained. Use the “Duplicate Run” feature to ensure this, while also having the ability to trace the history of each Test Run.

Preserve deletion records

Once a test case is deleted, it will disappear from the Group. However, the deletion action will be recorded in the Report, allowing you to track who deleted it.

The feature to restore deleted case will be comming soon.

Basic audit logs for supervision

Armoury records all additions, deletions, modifications, and test result settings.

Armoury preserves every history, even if you don’t need them immediately.

Manage test cases like developers manage code.

Version control is essential for all QA

Only Armoury can achieve granular version control for cases

Excel and Google Sheets also have version history ?

Don’t joke around.

When managing over 50 test cases in a spreadsheet, scrolling back and forth for searching can become a nightmare.

Armoury provides the case-level version control you need.