Become a Master of Test Reporting

Test reporting is no longer a nightmare; simply capture the charts generated by Armoury to instantly complete your test report.

Daily Activity Reports

Recording and organizing detailed work status for each team member into a report is essential to track and enhance team efficiency.

Completed and unfinished test cases

Armoury will notify you about unfinished tests, allowing you to quickly address team challenges and avoid setbacks in progress.

Pass, Failed

Mark it as Pass and take a sip. If it’s Failed, remember to keep tracking.

Block, Retest

It’s inevitable that situations where testing is not possible or unstable may occur.

Untested, Deprecated

Make an effort to complete the untested tests, and you can disregard the deprecated test cases

Run Report

Instant Run Report

With six built-in test statuses and real-time statistics for each test case’s status, you can instantly grasp the quality situation at a glance, eliminating the need to write spreadsheet formulas.

Efficiency Enhancement

Instant reports save you the time and effort of organizing data; all you need to do is interpret the report

Member Evaluation

Even while working remotely, you can still keep track of employees’ work status and support them

Packaging and Boxing

Reports are collections of data, let Armoury organize them into professional reports for you

Report Function

Report Content Overview

Offering the industry’s most established performance metrics. No need to manually configure or attempt report analysis – Armoury provides readily available common functions for your convenience.


add New Case


modify case


delete case


set test result


Unfinished cases

Pass or Failed? Armoury reports to you.

By directly presenting reports through Armoury, you save a considerable amount of manpower and time. Congratulations, your team’s efficiency has once again been elevated!