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Software Testing Management System

Optimize your testing processes with KEENLITY’s robust management tool, designed for seamless integration and ease of use.

Look at KEENLITY's philosophy

Quality assurance is the expectation for every product. We are committed to helping enterprises and test engineers focus on testing, rather than wasting time on unnecessary process management and ineffective testing.

Customizable Workflows

Testing is dynamic and uncertain; the system you use must be able to keep up with your thoughts.

Multi-Language Support

Language should not be a barrier to testing; use your native language to enhance efficiency.

QA Life

When everything is on track, enjoy the wonderful journey of testing.

Our Features

Everything You’ll Need

Test Case Design

Design test cases directly with professional templates.

API Testing

Manage and monitor API testing as a professional back-end tester.

Test Execution

Execute and document all your testing processes, highlighting your efforts.


Cloud services are not restricted by geographical or time limitations.

Instant Reporting

All actions of the members are instantly reflected in the reports.

Open and Shut

A responsive UI for managing up to 3000 test cases on a single page.

Multi-Level Case Status

Clear and concise test results, defining testing actions with precision.

Version Control

Apply version control similar to developers

Notebook in Run

Keep track of everything that happens during testing at any time

Role Permission

Define the permission and responsibilities of each team member.


Integrate test reports with API using only a small amount of code

File Storage

Store screenshots, logs, and any test data in system.

Import and Export Test Cases to Safeguard and Back Up Your Knowledge Base

We Give You the Report You Need to Optimize Test Process

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities

Focus on Testing

A readily available system with built-in agile processes, suitable for all types of testing teams, maximizing team efficiency

Automation Integration

Armoury provide APIs for seamless integration with your existing automated testing. You can effortlessly transmit test results directly to Armoury for report aggregation, eliminating the need to maintain a separate reporting system for your automation framework.

Any Types of Testing

Armoury streamlines both Case design and execution, adapting to various testing scenarios. Whether it’s agile testing, regression testing, or exploratory testing, Armoury can be utilized effectively.

Training Material

Armoury represents a structured knowledge system derived from Test Cases. Reading Cases directly can serve as essential training, concurrently fostering familiarity with the product architecture. Furthermore, the activation of a Training Run can be utilized to assess the learning progress of member.

Born to Dig Bugs

The ultimate aim of testing is to prevent defects and enhance quality. Armoury is designed and developed by seasoned testing engineering directors, well-versed in testing processes and strategies. Infused with the essence of years of experience, Armoury brings efficient testing to more testing professionals.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Compared to our previous K system, Armoury offers greater flexibility. We no longer need to worry about cases being lost or missing. The version control feature for cases is highly practical, allowing us to focus on the evolution of functionality rather than simply adding cases. If you’re still using Excel, Google Sheets, or any tool you find cumbersome, Armoury is your top choice.


QA Manager, Security Company

Please, don’t bother trying to create your own tools anymore. Armoury is the best and most affordable test management solution you can find. QA Engineer should focus on testing, not dealing with server maintenance or struggling with inadequate tools in hopes of efficiency.

HY Zhoa

QA Lead, Streaming Company

Our company shelled out for that pricey TR system, but honestly, we’re only using the basics. The fancy extras haven’t really been all that helpful. Funny thing is, Armoury has taken the most common testing functions and done some seriously amazing improvements. That label system? Whether it’s hunting down cases or setting up runs, it seriously cuts down on all that tedious management stuff. It lets us keep our focus where it should be – on the testing itself.

Peter Yang

QA Engineer, Streaming Company

Satisfaction Guaranteed

LiveChat and Mail Support

the Armoury system features built-in links to a knowledge base and a customer service chat widget. Our comprehensive knowledge base is designed to address the majority of your questions.

Payment deferred by 30 days

Payment deferred by 30 days When your trial period ends and you decide to subscribe, we will grant you access directly, and you can complete the payment within 30 days from the trial end date at the latest.

If you encounter any issues during your usage, please feel free to contact our customer support or refer to our knowledge base documentation.

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