Test Case Management System

The ultimate test case management system tailored for

software testing professionals.

Get It Done With Us

Designed and developed by experienced testing experts, KEENLITY Armoury brings your team universal, streamlined, and rapid functionality, maximizing team efficiency.

Effortless Setup, Instant Utilization

Cloud-based SaaS solution, register to initiate test planning. Testers can focus on testing without server concerns.

Streamlined and versatile workflow

Testers need only focus on test case design and execution for quality evaluation

Reporting system for tracking progress

Testing progress is calculated in real-time.  Project progress and personnel status are instantaneously monitored and captured.

Automation Ready

You can use API or Python decorator to transmit test results to Armoury for real-time data analysis and reporting.


Armoury currently supports Traditional Chinese, English, and Korean, with an ongoing expansion of language options.

Version Control

Recording versioned changes in test cases to monitor the product’s functional evolution for quality

Diagnose and Enhance Testing Process

The efficiency problems previously caused by inappropriate tools like Excel and Google Sheets no longer persist. This allows for better visibility into obstacles and issues within the testing process, enabling diagnosis of the fundamental reasons obstructing testing efficiency

Be a Stronger Influence with Your Teams

Test engineers no longer merely perform testing tasks but provide precise and effective quality assessments based on test outcomes. This aids the team in delivering higher-quality products.

Managing Your Test Case Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Utilizing a multi-layered architecture and a robust, flexible Label System, you can precisely manage your test cases, minimizing wastage caused by search and management inefficiencies.

"Opt for the Right Tools, Not Just Free Ones. Armoury is Tailored for Professional Testers."

– Fabian Lin, Founder @ KEENLITY

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