Core Process

A Streamlined process that leads to efficient testing.

With Armoury, you no longer need to sacrifice efficiency by creating rules for the wrong tools just to avoid chaos.

Getting Started is as Easy as 123.


Design Test Cases

In Group



Select & Put Cases

into Run



Excute & Dig Issues

in Report




Active Runs

per Group & Run

Manage such a large number of cases in total.

No longer constraining the abilities of QA

Enhancing the testing process

Focus on test case design

Swiftly filter essential cases

Concentrate on test execution

Receive real-time quality reports instantly.


Our Mission

By alleviating testing personnel from cumbersome and unproductive routine tasks, it enables them to concentrate on testing activities, thereby enhancing the quality of enterprise products. Using Armoury is the first step towards achieving this.


Our Vision

Researching software testing-related technologies to identify the best solutions for global testing professionals, making testers indispensable contributors. Joining KEENLITY is the first step towards this journey.

Universally Applicable

Test management is a crucial task for QA Engineers, and Armoury streamlines the testing management process, reducing the time you spend on test management by 80%. This allows you to allocate more time to focus on important tasks.

Easy to Learn

Armoury steers clear of unnecessary complexities; each function is crafted for straightforward usability, ensuring a gentle learning curve that empowers your QA team to become test management experts through the Armoury.

Armoury is developed by KEENLITY Inc, a professional testing consultant based in Taiwan.

With extensive industry expertise, KEENLITY is truly deserving of your trust.



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