Automation Testing

with Armoury APIs

Just add One Line to your Python script to seamlessly integrate automation testing results into Armoury

armoury automation testing sample code

Currently, Armoury offers a Python SDK for automation testing. After filling in the necessary configuration information, you only need a single line of decorator to automatically send test results to Armoury. In case of errors, the traceback messages will also be sent. All you have to do is wait for the test to complete and view the report provided by Armoury.

While we continue to develop SDKs for other programming languages, you can still use the Armoury API to send test results

Done for you

The 3 elements of automation: Framework, Scripts, and Reports.

Armoury will generate Reports for you

Integrate directly with all test reports using a single line of code with Armoury. No need to look at manual and automated test reports separately anymore.

Are you still maintaining your own reporting system? If you’re automating tests, focus on automation and let Armoury handle the reporting for you.

Focus on

automated testing

Make Armoury your automation companion.